I'm back!

2015-10-01 03:49:51 by Mallowin

Not that anyone remembers, right? School is essentialy done!

I opened up some old files and started revising already!

I can't wait to start working with you guys again! I love Newgrounds so much! : D


Thank you all for Daily Feature!

2014-01-18 04:53:35 by Mallowin

I can't stress enough how 'effing grateful I am to have my first Newgrounds animation to make Daily Feature! It might have been a slow day or so, but I really appreciate it! If anyone would like help in the future with an animation, needs a common opinion on a piece, or just wants to be friends, I just might be able to help!


Thanks again Newgrounds, you rock!


EDIT: After receiving a little more messages than expected, I'll have to slow it down on the animation help and other things! I wish I could talk to everyone on here, but I realized that would take years to get to everyone!

Eventually though! Smooches <3