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A Knight To Remember A Knight To Remember

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I think I came across this video through the VAC awards cartoon, but all I have to say is:

"Oh my gaw~" This is fantastic! I literally have never heard anyone say that as fabulous as you have, and it left me in stitches. The quality was incredibly high, and the "bathroom diversion" was really just... funny! The use of the steps, reverb, and echoes were a great touch.

One thing I would mention would be to use more environmental sounds, the "DRAMA" score when batman and the joker arrived was great, and I think you should keep just casual music rolling to give a little "ompf" to the scene. I think an example would be to have the television on or so. You did a fabulous job, bitch~ and I totally wanna see more. Kisses!~