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Qoosh Qoosh

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Personally, I think this game is really solid! The atmosphere it developed through sound and tone, never knowing who or what was beyond these walls, and that scientist who keeps mocking you: who was he? Playing this game I became to involve myself into the plot, wondering how it could end. The references towards portal and portal 2 were pretty funny, I had to stop and smile. The sounds are clear and I have yet to find any bugs or glitches.

The only suggestion I have in the future is to make sure you realize how much time your players will spend on these levels. I was struggling to finish chamber 7 as I started to get a little bored. I felt it was a little lengthy for not being too far into the game.

I also didn't really like how you FELT as if you could escape at one point, but it kinda pulled you back into the actual game. I felt like I deserved some sort of reward for attempting to go out of bounds! I suppose a few extra voice clips were fine, though. I also liked some of the "pointless" tasks, such as being told from side to side of the room so I wouldn't get fat.

I don't exactly have the time to finish this game, but I enjoyed this! Or at least, enjoyed it so far. I will finish it later, but I hope I'm allowed to review a game I haven't completed yet. Then again, I'm simply going off from what I know!

Sound/Music 5/5
Gameplay 4.5/5
Concept 4/5

Overall 4.5/5!